Amazon Advertising Management Service

Amazon Advertising Service

I create, manage and optimise Amazon advertising campaigns for Amazon Sellers, FBA and Vendor businesses; generating the maximum number of sales at the desired cost-per-sale.

Amazon's A9 product search algorithm aims to deliver Amazon customers product search results most likely to deliver a sale; most of this is done through natural organic search results.

Working on a monthly retainer, I'll optimise and manage your Amazon ad campaigns for the best results.

Other Amazon services

The Amazon Advertising Management Service is part of a broader range of Amazon services I offer, which include:

Types of Amazon advertising

Just as Website owners can buy Google Search and Shopping ads, Amazon sellers can set-aside budget to spend on Amazon advertising, to drive additional sales.
3 types of ads are available:

  • Sponsored products
    These ads promote individual product listings & target customer search terms.
  • Sponsored brands
    Brand awareness: Promote individual products with your company logo and a custom headline.
  • Product display ads
    Another kind of individual product promotion, but with interest-based, cohort-style targeting.