Amazon SEO service

Amazon SEO

A complete Amazon SEO service, starting at £75 per listing*.  Optimisation includes text and image content, to deliver great A9 Amazon search positioning for your product listings. The Amazon product SEO service includes:

  • Amazon research
    Using leading 3rd-party tools, to ensure relevant keywords and phrases;
  • Optimised product title
    Up to 80 characters of targeted keywords;
  • Product description optimisation
    Maximum 2,000 characters of useful information and targeted keywords;
  • Bullet point optimisation
    5 optimised bullet points, tailored to your product USPs;
  • Hidden keyword optimisation
    For improved Amazon A9 algorithm rankings;
  • 3 x product images
    1 cutaway, 1 cutaway with measurements & 1 infographic;
  • Free text and image import for larger orders.

What is Amazon SEO

Amazon Product listing optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving product text and image information to achieve better positioning in the results for Amazon searches, for relevant keywords and phrases, and ultimately improving sales.

A product listing is a “parent” product (page) listing that can be used by multiple “child” products. Eg: An egg timer may be available in 5 colours. Each colour (5 child product listings) product listing shares the same parent product information, so there would be only one product listing to optimise (the Parent product listing).

Optimising product text

Product titles, bullet points, product descriptions and hidden keywords and phrases must be optimised using keyword and competitor research.

Optimising product images

Optimising Amazon product images
Examples of product images displaying unique selling points for a range of sofas.

Best practice is that at least 7 images should accompany each product listing:

  1. A main image, with no background, logos or other distractions.
  2. A lifestyle shot.
  3. An image showing dimensions.
  4. An image showing the products unique selling points (USPs).
  5. An image showing the product being used.
  6. 1 x detail image.
  7. 1 x detail image.

Other Amazon services

I provide a range of complimentary Amazon services to help your business thrive in the UK’s largest online marketplace.