Multichannel Services

Multichannel eCommerce
I set-up and manage multichannel eCommerce for retailers and brands, on a flexible, short- or long-term, basis.
Multichannel sales makes your products available to customers beyond just your own website. Through a central hub, your stock, inventory, product information, orders and customer information are managed to ensure no over or undersells - the hub can be your Website, special software or an existing inventory management system.
By plugging your website into multiple marketplaces, and even other websites and highstreet stores, you can reach new customers, greatly improving access to your products.

Getting started

I set up and manage multichannel eCommerce businesses for retailers and brands; advising on the best approach to meet your business needs, I then handle all the set-up work for you.
I work with specialist multichannel software companies to find the best fit to needs, maximising your revenues and margins.

Multichannel eCommerce Management

I can mange your multichannel eCommerce business, growing online revenue while improving sales margins.
I have two decades of experience of managing successful multichannel exommerce businesses, selling into international marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Priceminister and more.

Multichannel blog posts