The best business podcasts

Here’s a list of business-related podcasts I listen to to stay up-to-date on past and present business issues.

Business wars

Series of historical business stories, describing some of the most high-profile brand and corporate battles. Like Netflix versus Blockbuster and Nike versus Adidas. Business models are explained in an engaging way as we learn how some of the world’s biggest companies became the giants they are today, while others fell.
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This week in Tech

A high-quality weekly magazine podcasts, where experts discuss the big stories in business technology.
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Talking tech

A short daily podcast, summarising major tech sector news, with focus on some of the biggest stories.
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Marketplace is produced and distributed by American Public Media (APM), in association with the University of Southern California. Published several times per week, it keeps up-to-date with the latest international financial marketplace news.
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Business daily

The BBC’s daily business podcast, with headlines and in-depth stories.
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An award-winning podcast, which investigates a range of subjects including important business issues. Recent episodes have included long in-depth interviews with leading CEO’s.
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Planet Money

One of the first podcasts I began listening to on a regular basis. Highly creative and original investigations into a wide range of business-related subjects. Planet money reports buy and sell oil, to see what’s practically involved, set-up shell companies, to learn how easy it is to avoid paying taxes. A podcast well-worth your attention.
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